Rear cover re-anodization program

Refurbish iPhone rear covers to OEM specifications using our R2 accredited re-anodization program.

Powerful Features

The Focus-Wireless Rear Cover Remanufacturing Program provides clients with critical turn-key advantages including:

Material Traceability

Complete material traceability throughout the rear cover remanufacturing process.

Transparent Process

Our managed, transparent process encourages on site verification and communication.

Industry Leading Yield Rate

We provide industry leading yield rates through advanced equipment and process.

Counterfeit Removal

Guaranteed removal of counterfeit materials is achieved through a process of inspections and testing.

Competitive Pricing

We provide industry competitive pricing, regularly updated to meet industry demand.

OEM Specifications

By following strict inspection criteria, we are capable of meeting OEM carrier grade specifications.


We employ a dedicated, managed process.

Triage Process

Following receiving and component harvest processes each rear cover is evaluated by our Triage team. Our triage process thoroughly inspects each rear cover, carefully sorting by damage type and severity classification.

Stripping & Rework

Rear covers are stripped of coatings, preparing rear covers for the rework process. Scratches, dents and other low impact damages are removed through a sanding process. A high velocity sandblasting process is used to even rough surfaces and provide a OEM comparable surface texture. Side key hole bezels are burnished to provide a OEM comparable mirror finish.

Anodization Process

The foundation of our anodization process is the fusion of advanced equipment, processes and techniques with highly experienced technicians committed to providing the highest possible quality end product. High yields are not obtained by automation, but by artisans. A highly trained and thoughtful workforce employs industry leading methodologies in the pursuit of maximum recovery value.

Component Assembly

Repopulation of rear covers is accomplished by process driven methodology, utilizing exact OEM criteria, that delivers as new completed appearance and functional performance. Component assembly and installation is accomplished and uniformly applied functional testing is conducted to ensure proper installation.

Naked Assembly
Sub Assembly
Complete assembly

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most commonly asked questions explained

How do you ensure removal of counterfiet materials?

Our inspection process includes metallurgical testing and visual inspections, comparing against an OEM “Golden Sample”. Suspected counterfeit materials are reported transparently to the client and can be field destroyed or returned to the client as per their requirements.

How do you provide high remanufacture yield rates?

High yields are not obtained by automation, but by artisans. A highly trained and thoughtful workforce employs industry leading methodologies in the pursuit of maximum recovery value. We use low unit count jigs, increasing the overall success rate of each batch.

Which testing processes do you employ?

Testing processes include cosmetic, chromatic aberration, temperature, glue pattern, welding point, gap level, camera and flash lens strength, logo criteria, edge cutting, sandblasting and anodization pattern, anod thickness, hardness, laser etching, RF, Waterproof, drop testing, and impact testing in addition to cosmetic and functional testing of small parts prior to and following installation.

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