Processes you can rely on.

Consistency of supply originates from effective processes critical to deliver stable solutions in an unstable industry.

IP Protection

Focus Wireless has a strong commitment to preventing intellectual property infringement and protecting OEM designers and manufacturers.

Detailed Documentation

Focus Wireless maintains detailed inspection standards highlighting key indicators of authenticity.

Strict Inspection Process

All incoming materials is inspected through redundant verifications, in order to eliminate counterfeit materials prior to remanufacture.

Quality Assurance

Focus Wireless employs a process driven quality assurance program, aligning documented client requirements with production documentation and operations.

Our quality assurance process attests to our direct experience within the industry setting the standard for effective testing standards and procedures. Our testing facilities conduct 100% testing for core functionality and aesthetic verifications as well as extended testing processes including:

Corrective Process

Our closed loop corrective process ensures root causes are clearly identified, affected inventory is separated and corrective actions are implemented.

Identify Root Cause

Your dedicated account manager will accumulate feedback and work with the engineering team to identify the root cause(s).

Separate affected inventory

Materials are inspected for issue and affected inventory is isolated.

Implement Corrective Actions

Corrective Actions including adjustments to processes, documentation are carried out and regularly reviewed to ensure solution is effective.

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