Dynamic solutions for an industry in constant evolution.

Focus Wireless is a client-centric, process driven supply chain solutions provider in the wireless repair industry. We maintain a solid supply chain capable of delivering consistent value to your organization.

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Rear cover Remanufacture

Cost effective, Rear Cover Remanufacturing Program using no third party materials.

LCM Remanufacture

Cost effective, LCM display Remanufacturing Program using no third party materials.

Processes you can rely on

Consistency of supply originates from effective process.

IP Protection

Focus Wireless has a strong commitment to preventing intellectual property infringement and protecting OEM designers and manufacturers.

Quality Assurance

Focus Wireless employs a process driven quality assurance program, aligning documented client requirements with production documentation and operations.

Corrective Process

Our closed loop corrective process ensures root causes are clearly identified, and corrective actions are effectively executed.

Powerful features

Our remanufacturing programs offer critical turn-key features including:

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High Yield Rate

We provide industry leading yield rates through advanced equipment and process.

Counterfeit Removal

Guaranteed removal of counterfeit materials is achieved through a process of inspections and testing.

Exact Process

By following strict inspection criteria, we are capable of meeting OEM carrier grade specifications.

Transparent Processes

Our managed, transparent process encourages on site verification and communication.

No Third Party Materials

We ensure all reclaimable materials are effectively harvested, removing all third party materials from our supply chain.

Complete Component Assembly

We reclaim small components and assemble naked, sub-kitted and complete LCM and Rear Cover assemblies.

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